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Do you wish to contribute as a volunteer during The Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad 2023?

Photo: Valery Vasilevski 

In order to carry out the world’s largest regatta for tall ships and the decidedly biggest event in Fredrikstad in 2023, a lot of heads and hands are required. Work and contributions from our volunteers is alpha and omega in terms of a successful sail ship party in Fredrikstad.

When we hosted The Tall Ships Races in 2019, close to 400 volunteers helped us before, during and after the event. The need is just as big in 2023. The public must be informed, arenas need to be rigged, the press needs to be handled, people and things need to be transported - crew, ships and sail trainees must be taken care of – the to-do-list is endless when 100 sail ships with a couple of thousand crewmates and sail trainees arrive in town.

  • Hosting
    We need help taking care of all visitors in town during the event. As a host your tasks might include: working at the volunteer centre, at the crew centre, at the service- and help desk, and with working as an information guide.
  • The event
    The whole city will be full of activities during the four days the tall ships moors in Fredrikstad. We need volunteers to help with tasks linked to these activities. In the event group, you can be tasked with serving, staffing food stations, rigging and backstage work.
  • Security and public safety
    With thousands of people filling the city, we need volunteers to the first aid group, to our security team, and to a team prepared to help children who have gotten away from their parents.
  • Maritime
    Maritime ships from all over the world are filling the river. We need liaisons to act as a link between the vessels and Fredrikstad, and we need volunteers for the mooring group.
  • Renovation
    The city needs to be kept clean – we need volunteers for renovation.
  • Communication
    Even though we hope everyone gets the chance to visit our city, we also need to be visible online and in the press. A dedicated group will work with taking photos, creating videos and write texts about the event.

Does any of the tasks listed above interest you? Please reach out!


Do you have any questions regarding volunteering?

Volunteer manager 

Helge Hammeren 
E-mail: helham@fredrikstad.kommune.no
Phone +47 958 38 548

Welcome on board! 

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