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Cruise in Company

Between 18 and 26 July 2023, eleven fantastic Guest Harbours await the arrival of Tall ships and Small ships during the Cruise in Company event.

A Cruise in Company is not a competitive event, but instead offers friendship and shared experiences for crews and communities to enjoy together.

Each ship that joins the Cruise in Company leg, decides what guest harbours they choose to visit during the event. You can join one of the ships for this awesomely beautiful adventure!

Map of harbours participating in Cruise in Company

The details are still being finalized regarding which ships goes where, and when you can register to sail with the crew on one of the amazing ships. We will update with relevant information as soon as everything is ready, so check back with us!

In the meantime, read about the guest harbours on the Cruise in Company leg:

Guest Harbours Norway

  • Langesund
    Langesund is a picturesque town in Bamble, Telemark. In the summer this quiet town transforms into one of Norway`s best known concert venues. Langesund is bustling with life, street music, flea markets, exhibitions and restaurants.
  • Kristiasand
    Kristiansand is a city of longstanding seafaring traditions, mainly maintained by local involvement in their full rigged ship Sørlandet. Kristiansand I surrounded by beautiful scenery – from tiny rocky islands in the fjords to snow-covered mountains inland – Kristiansand offers a rick variety of recreational activities.
  • Båly
    Lindesnes in Agder is located on the southernmost point of Norway. A beautiful archipelago protects the port from sea swell- Båly is part of Lindesnes municipality and is the closest settlement to the popular tourist attraction of Lindesnes lighthouse with its visitor centre.
  • Sirevåg
    Every summer the idyllic harbour in Sirevåg is a popular destination for sailors and boaters. Sirevåg has a very large jetty/breakwater protecting its harbour, which makes it a safe and good place to dock. Its closest neighbour to the north is Jærstrendene, with beautiful beaches and wide horizons.
  • Bekkjarvik
    Bekkjarvik has been an important centre for trade in Sunnhordland. Bekkjarvik gave good shelter for sailors and fishermen on their way into Bergen. In the end of the 1600`s, Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri was built to house sea travellers, on orders from the Danish King Christian 4.

Guest Harbours Scotland

  • Aberdeen
    Aberdeen is the capital of Northeast Scotland and has a rich maritime history. The port was established in 1136 by King David I, and is the oldest existing business in Britain. The harbour is in the vibrant heart of Aberdeen with shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, music venues and the Art Gallery a few minutes away.
  • Stromness
    Stromness is a picturesque and bustling small town, shaped by the sea. A safe haven in Viking times, a whaling and fishing port, a base for divers diving the wrecks of the German High Seas fleet in Scapa Flow and a ferry gateway to Scotland, the town’s maritime heritage is unparalleled.
  • Scalloway
    Formerly the capitol of Shetland, Scalloway has a healthy fishing and seafood industry and its location of UHI Shetland`s marine science and aquaculture campus. With a population of just over 1,100, the village is centred around its thriving harbour, with the ruins of Scalloway Castle adding to the scenic views. The castle was completed in 1600 for Earl Patrick Stewart, Mary Queen of Scots´ nephew, before his execution in 1615.
  • Cullivoe
    Yell is an island worth shouting about, and its northerly fishing village of Cullivoe – the main port – is the perfect mix of industry and idyllic Shetland scenery. Famed for its musicianship and maritime history, Cullivoe knows how to welcome the world.
  • Baltasound and Uyeasound
    Unst is Britain`s most northerly island and said to be inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson`s Treasure Island, the author having visited Muckle Flugga lighthouse. Unst is a treasure island to locals, and visitors alike.

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