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The event

On 15 - 18 July 2023 Fredrikstad is once again hosting the world`s largest regatta for tall ships. 2500 young sailors between the age of 15 and 25 will join the world`s largest tall ships from 25 countries.

The regatta and the event; The Tall Ships Races, is owned by Sail Training International. Their main goal is to increase international comradery and understanding between youths. The project involves youth from all corners of the world, who take part in a community across nationality, culture and religion, and who will challenge themselves and others by using the sea and sailing as a teaching arena.

This work led Sail Training International to a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. The municipality of Fredrikstad has cooperated with Rotary in sending young sailors to The Tall Ships Races across the globe since 2005.

For The Tall Ships Races 2023, Fredrikstad will recruit 160 young sailors. They will also receive training courses in management and teamwork, training in conflict management and dialogue, in addition to other current societal topics that are added to the seminar series. 

Host ports

The five official host ports of 2023 are

  • Den Helder (The Netherlands): June 29th – July 2nd (regatta)
  • Hartlepool (UK): July 6th – July 9th (regatta)
  • Fredrikstad (Norway): July 15th – July 18th (cruise-in company)
  • Lerwick (The Shetland Islands): July 26th - July 29th (regatta)
  • Arendal (Norway): August 3rd – August 6th

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